Grand Rental Station, Medium/Heavy Equipment Rental Business, Loveland CO & Johnstown CO, Ray H.

In September of 2013, our family had decided to sell our business that was located in Northern Colorado using Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle as our broker.
We were an equipment rental company that catered primarily to homeowners, do-it-your selfers, and light contractors. We had two locations and had been in business for over 13 years. We also agreed to obtain the services of a business broker to market and facilitate the sale of our company.
Our criteria for choosing a business broker was based on several factors: First, he had to be a people person, secondly, he had to be a numbers guy, and thirdly he had to have prior business ownership
experience, and finally, we wanted him to be aggressive and professional in his marketing. We felt that these skill sets would enable someone to sell our business quickly and expediently. We interviewed 3 different business brokers and we quickly decided that Jeff Chapman from Company Brokers was best suited to represent us in the marketing and subsequent sale of our company.
After several meetings and long discussions, we formulated an asking price based on past company
financial performance, future potential, and the current assets included in the sale. Jeff spent
considerable time learning the intricacies of our particular business, including operations, our financials, our customer base, and our markets.
In October, Jeff listed our business. Literally within a few weeks of offering our company for sale, Jeff had 3 or 4 qualified buyers who were seriously looking at our. business. Shortly thereafter we began negotiations
with one of the buyers. Negotiations stalled when I had heart surgery in December, but
immediately resumed in January and by February we had a formal Letter of Intent to Purchase our
company with the sale completed on March 3151 of 2014.
The entire process from start to finish went very smooth. I attribute that to both the experience and professionalism
that Jeff exhibited. His attention to detail, his enthusiasm, and his positive influence was the key in getting the sale completed in a timely manner.
I would certainly recommend Jeff Chapman to anyone considering either selling or purchasing a
business. He will serve you well.
Ray H.