Tent and Custom Canvas Manufacturer located in Denver, Colorado Sold.

The owner was mostly absentee but knew, in order to grow the company to it’s full potential. He needed someone with new energy to come in and drive sales. The owner is a real estate developer and had never owned a business like this before and wanted to focus primarily on his real estate business. The owner looked for a business broker who had the experience selling manufacturing businesses and the knowledge and expertise to get the price and terms he wanted. He decided to hire Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle.

They are one of the highest quality tent manufacturers in the world and are right here in Colorado. The recent trend is to ‘buy American’ and the History Channel featured them on the show ‘How It’s Made’.  The company just needed a new ‘hands on’ owner and an outside sales person.

Jeff knew he would need to find just the right buyer who had the passion for the business to take advantage of everything already in place. Jeff made a detailed package including a video interview of the owner and business video walkthrough.  He talked to many prospective buyers and found someone who fit the criteria that the seller was looking for and it closed easily and quickly.

If you want to sell your Colorado business contact Jeff today at – https://businessbrokercolorado.com/