Recreational & Medical Marijuana Retail Store & Grow Operation

Colorado Dispensary SoldThis was a premium indoor grow operation with a cash-flow positive retail store located in a historic southern Colorado town. With discriminating growers, they had a unique opportunity to grow at a much lower cost in a premium indoor grow location compared to similar more expensive spaces in the larger metro areas in the state.  They went to great lengths to develop a growing model that could be duplicated to ensure consistent high-quality results. The owners created a detailed high-end operation with quality equipment, experienced employees, and a semi-turnkey model.

The owners built the business from scratch and were proud of what they had accomplished.  The owners wanted to retire and had family help run the day-to-day operations and did not want to spend the additional capital needed to finish the phase 2 and 3 buildouts.

Even though their business was not based in Denver, they wanted a Denver-based business broker who had extensive experience and knew the industry.  They found Jeff on and and decided to hire him.  Jeff found a great buyer who was in the industry, had the vision to grow the company and take care of their employees and had the capital/financing to buy the business so the owners could retire.

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