Real Estate Staging Company Sold.

This is a 15 Year Old Residential Home Staging Company that supports Realtors, Homeowners, Developers, and Builders.  They provided a high-quality customized staging and furnishings for properties that were going to be listed for sale to help maximize their value in the market.  The owner built a business with a great reputation, a large customer base, a high profit margin, and could take advantage of the increase in local development.

Even though this business has become a labor of love, she was ready to sell because she was starting another business and began looking for business brokers in Colorado.  After interviewing a few, she decided to hire Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle based on his experience and his creative ways of marketing her business to prospective buyers.

After many conversations with the seller, Jeff knew he had to find the right buyer who could not only be able to maintain current relationships but also be able to grow this company.  After Jeff set up several meetings for the seller, she chose a buyer who had the means to get the deal done and had a passion to run the business.