The owner had grown this company for over 20 years. He is proud of the work his employees did, created great long-term relationships with manufacturers, had an excellent reputation and grew it into one of the largest independent light duty trailer parts providers in Colorado.

There is a tremendous opportunity to grow this business.  The business had no Website or online optimization. The owner is retirement age and knows what he could be doing to grow this business if he were younger.  He heard that Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle sold a similar business in Colorado and decided to meet with him.  Because Jeff was very familiar with his type of business and already had a list of potential buyers, he decided that Jeff was the right business broker to hire.

Jeff put together a detailed sales package that included a video interview of the owner, a walkthrough of the business and gave all the detailed financials of the business. After sending that information to his list of potential buyers and also marketing it online, he found the right buyer to take over the business and grow it to the next level.

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