16 Year Old HVAC ‘Light’ Remodel/Upgrade Home Cooling Company.


hvac business sold by colorado business brokerThere were a lot of special things about this company:  The business maintained a 34 percent profit margin which is very high for a construction company, they didn’t have any outgoing sales, they typically turned away work for several months during their busy season, the business didn’t require a construction license, they could give accurate estimates over the phone, they started and finished their work and got paid in one trip and therefore had no bad debt, and it had mostly seasonal work that just happened to coincide with the summer school year break, which made it possible to find competent workers easily and inexpensively each summer.  They were on good terms with previous employees, who returned from year to year for work in the summer months.
The owner was getting older and slowing down, had spent an increasing amount of time off over the last year including most of the Winter months, and as he slowed down he decided it was best to put his business up for sale.
The owner knew how valuable his business would be to someone who could work it full time so he looked for a Denver Business Broker who not only had the experience but who had sold similar businesses so they knew his industry. After some research, he found Jeff C Eisnaugle and decided to hire him. Jeff quickly found several buyers who were interested in buying the business and found a great buyer who the seller was happy with.

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