Denver Metro Electrical, Heating, and Air Conditioning Busin

electrical contractor business sold Colorado
This was a very well-established electrical contractor, 25% commercial and 75% residential with 70% of the revenues from electrical work. The owner was a very modern marketing and technically savvy owner who provided each employee with an iPad that helped with bidding, tracking, and accepted payments.  Their trucks had tracking and they had overall policies and systems in place to help maintain the profit margins.

One owner had to sell quickly because of a difficult situation. She knew the hard work had been done and the company had a great reputation, and that a new owner could easily dial up the online advertising, hire new employees and could take on as much business as they could handle.

She looked for a local Denver Business Broker and found Jeff at After some research, she met with Jeff in person.  She hired him because Jeff mentioned that he had sold many Electrical and Heating and Air Conditioning businesses here locally and knew the business very well.  After she had several meetings with potential buyers, she found someone who she liked, who knew the electrical business and had the ability to take it over in a timely manner with a smooth transition.

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