21 Year Old Company that Sells Windows, Pre-Hung Doors, Millwork and Hardware

This is an impressive company with an experienced sales team that helps with planning and design from blueprint through the order process.  The customer base was both light commercial and custom residential remodeling and building.

The two owners were active in the day-to-day management and operation of the company but were ready for retirement.  Being a business broker, Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle contacted them many years before because he had sold a similar business and kept in touch until the sellers were ready to meet.  Jeff discussed his experience, his unique marketing which included a video interview of the owners and the property and the current list of potential buyers who may be interested in their business. They decided to hire him to get the deal done as quickly as possible and for the highest sales price.

Jeff found the right buyer who not only had the potential to grow the business but also appreciated the sellers efforts. Jeff found a buyer quickly and both the seller and buyer were happy with the transaction and doing great.