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We very much welcome the opportunity to provide a letter of reference and recommendation for Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle of Company Broker Group, Inc.¬†Jeff has proved the test of time with us and we could not be more pleased with Jeff’s skills and integrity in the art associated with the navigation needed for selling a business. I gave Jeff a number that I wanted to sell for and after he evaluated the business he came back with a number that was $200,000 higher and he got it for me. Jeff demonstrated 3 key qualities that were extremely important to us as we worked through the saie of our business.
1. Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle has the experience and he knows the drill. It was great to have a seasoned and professional broker that knew the process and the priorities associated with selling a business. Sale confidentially related to employees, competitors and vendors were extremely important to us and Jeff knew how to navigate these waters. Jeff quietly sold our business.
2. Negotiation and Operational Protocol of the Sale: Jeff Chapman proved to know this arena very well. Jeff took a strong stance on our business sale price and he established and maintained a firm seller oriented position through the negotiations and helped with some of the details in the Purchase Agreement. In addition, Jeff helped us establish a positive and an A+ priority working relationship with our purchasers and both parties’ lawyers.
3. The 3rd quality that we appreciated was Jeffs ability to let the sales process breathe. Jeff had a very good feel as to when to press or when to back off and let the process flow. Jeff always had his finger on the pulse yet Jeff was not overbearing or overly involved if there was not a need.
My name is David S. and I am the former owner of HealthStyles Exercise Equipment. My wife, Jeanne and I created and operated the business for 23 years within the retail and commercial exercise equipment sales and service industry. We know the value of honest, hardworking and result producing individuals and without a doubt, we would commission Jeff Chapman to sell a future business for us if that opportunity came our way.
Jeff Chapman is a very motivated individual with a good work ethic. He is also a very good communicator and always worked in a well-organized manner. We would without reservation recommend Jeff as a quality individual with character and trustworthiness.
Dave S.