13 Year Old Commercial and Residential Cleaning Company with an Expandable Model and 90% Recurring Revenue Sold.

This business was started by the owner in 2004 without having any experience.  It was 50% residential and 50% commercial cleaning all done during the daytime.  They set up this business with a good and reliable staff, an outstanding manager, solid customer base, A+ on BBB and had a great reputation.

The owner is absentee and does not live in the United States and only works one hour a week on the business.  He decided to sell because he realizes the business has suffered from having an absentee owner because there is so much growth potential. He started looking for a business broker that had experience in selling cleaning and service companies and found Jeff C Eisnaugle on the internet through Businessbrokercolorado.com.  After a meeting with Jeff, he realized that he had a database of potential buyers who may be interested in his company.  He was confident that Jeff could find him a buyer that not only had the funds but would realize the potential this company had.

By hiring Jeff, he found a buyer within 30 days who didn’t need a bank and who could close quickly.

If you want to sell your Colorado business contact Jeff today at – https://businessbrokercolorado.com/